Duki’s emotion when faced with his mother’s question in the preview of his show at the Bernabéu

Duki’s emotion when faced with his mother’s question in the preview of his show at the Bernabéu

sDuki is on the prelude to a historic show. He next June 8the Argentine rap and trap artist will perform at the Santiago Bernabeu – with a soldout of approximately 65,000 people – and will become the first Argentine artist to fill the legendary venue.

In this context, the artist gave a press conference where his mother, Sandra Quiroga, surprised him with a question that made him excited. “I’m still the same person I was.”declared the singer.

The emotional moment between Duki and his mother

Sandra Quiroga – Duki’s mother – was present during the press conference prior to the artist’s show in Madrid, Spain and surprised the singer with a question that moved him to tears: “I already have the answer, but I would like to know if you, at this point in your career, know what sets you apart and why you got here.“.

Surprised by his mother’s intervention, the Argentine rapper began his response by contextualizing who the person was who had asked him that question: “pFor people who don’t know, the lady who asked the question is Sandra, my mother. “The person who gave me life along with the person sitting next to me, Guille.”


On December 2 and 3, the artist performed in two historic shows at the River Plate stadium.

Then, visibly excited, Duki began to give his answer “I think that a little bit what brought me here is my people and the most beautiful thing I have is that I go out anywhere calmly and no one ever disrespects me. I’m still the person I was“. Between tears and some pauses, the Argentine rapper continued with the analysis of his career: “I don’t know if I’m famous or not, but I I swear to you that I am the freest person in the world and it is thanks to my people, my audience that they always treat me like this.”

“I feel like that’s a bit of it, that people feel involved in what happens to me because they have been with me since I started and I truly feel that without them I would be nobody,” the artist continued. Then, with a broken voice, he concluded: “It is mutual, my audience knows that there is that connection, that there is that love and that is why I am here. Everything I do is for them“.

Duki and a historic date at the Santiago Bernabéu

Next Saturday, Duki will become the first Argentine artist to appear at the Santiago Bernabéurecently remodeled Real Madrid Stadium that has a capacity for approximately 65,000 people. Additionally, according to the agency behind the show, it will also become the first rapper to fill the historic venue.

The achievement is double if Mauro Lombardo’s career is taken into account. The Argentine rapper began his career rapping in different squares of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and rose to fame with his participation in the “Fifth Step“, which was the competition of freestyle most famous in the country.

His long journey saw him arrive in Spain in 2019, the year in which he toured six cities. In Madrid, for example, he sang in The Rivieraa scenario for “just” 2,500 spectators.

Dozens of singles, six albums and two shows in the River Plate StadiumDuki will reaffirm its international star status this Saturday, June 8 when he performs at the Bernabéu. With tickets sold out, a historical show that review the artist’s entire career.

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