Film: Winslet: “Titanic” kiss with DiCaprio was sleazy

Film: Winslet: “Titanic” kiss with DiCaprio was sleazy
Film: Winslet: “Titanic” kiss with DiCaprio was sleazy

Kate Winslet is still proud of the 1997 film classic. However, she has some unpleasant memories of filming the famous kissing scene on the ship’s railing.

For Hollywood actress Kate Winslet (48), the filming of the famous kissing scene in “Titanic” with Leonardo DiCaprio (49) was, in retrospect, above all sleazy. “Oh God, it was such a mess,” the Brit told the US magazine “Vanity Fair” about the scene in which Winslet and DiCaprio’s characters, Rose and Jack, first stand at the railing with their arms outstretched and then kiss.

They had to shoot the scene several times and she wore light makeup and he wore darker makeup, Winslet explained. “And after every take I looked like I had been sucking on a caramel candy bar because his makeup was smearing on me.” DiCaprio, on the other hand, looked “like a piece of his face was missing because there was a big pale spot that was rubbing off all my makeup on him.”

In addition to the mess that both were “covered in each other’s makeup,” DiCaprio also couldn’t stop laughing, she couldn’t breathe in her “damned corset” and kept hitting her knee on the railing, Winslet said. But she is also very proud of the film classic, which is now being rediscovered by “whole new generations.” The James Cameron film from 1997 is one of the most successful films of all time and has won eleven Oscars.

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