Jennifer Garner & Matt Damon: Their children celebrate their graduation

Jennifer Garner & Matt Damon: Their children celebrate their graduation
Jennifer Garner & Matt Damon: Their children celebrate their graduation

Jennifer Garner and Matt Damon celebrate their children’s graduations. Who else is celebrating the next generation’s milestone?

It’s a small step for the child, but a big step for the loving parents. Jennifer Garner (52) celebrated her son’s graduation from elementary school. After her third child, Samuel (12), graduated from elementary school, she thanked the teachers with an emotional Instagram post.

“Thank you for taking care of my children, for tying their shoes and holding their hands,” begins the text that the ex-wife of Ben Affleck (51) shares on her account. “Thank you for disciplining my children when they needed it and for offering more hugs than some children receive in their entire lives,” she thanks the educators for their “hard work”. “I can’t imagine our family could have been better off anywhere.” Garner, who is also the mother of Violet (18) and Seraphina (15), called the school a “safe haven” for her children.

“Thank you for the safe space”

“I wanted my three to have a safe space where they could focus on the essentials of being small and where education and character are prioritized,” the statement continues. The family is celebrating the milestone in Samuel’s life in father Ben Affleck’s rented apartment in Los Angeles. The actor is currently living separately from his wife Jennifer Lopez (54). Despite the divorce rumors, the singer also attended the family celebration.

She also attended the graduation ceremony earlier this month for Affleck’s daughter Violet, who graduated from high school and will now go to college.

This difficult farewell now also faces Affleck’s friend Matt Damon

Matt Damon (53) and his wife Luciana Barroso (47) attended the high school graduation of his daughter Isabella (18) in Brooklyn. According to photos published by the American tabloid magazine, he appeared in the schoolyard next to Isabella in a floral dress wearing khaki pants, a polo shirt and sneakers.

The couple has been married since the end of 2005 and, in addition to Isabella, are raising their daughters Gia (15) and Stella (13). Damon is also the stepfather of Barroso’s daughter Alexia (25). “I can’t imagine that my life hasn’t gone this way. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now. I don’t want to imagine it,” he said in 2011 about his role as father and bonus dad in a

Stars in the schoolyard

Emma Heming-Willis (45) also celebrated her daughter Mabel’s (12) primary school graduation on June 11th and made headlines with her accompaniment. Her husband Bruce Willis (69), who suffers from frontotemporal dementia, was unable to attend the upsetting event. Instead, his ex-wife Demi Moore (61) provided mental support and accompanied Heming-Willis to the ceremony.

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