Calu Rivero spoke about the sentence that Juan Darthés received

Calu Rivero spoke about the sentence that Juan Darthés received

The Brazilian justice system handed down a six-year prison sentence to Juan Dartés, in a semi-open regime, following the complaint filed by Thelma Fardín for aggravated sexual abuse. The incident occurred in Nicaragua in 2009 when both were on tour to promote the youth strip Patito Feo. 10 days after knowing the sentence, Calu Rivero spoke about the resolution on social networks.

The actress, who is pregnant with her second child together with Aíto de la Rúa, He also accused Darthes of alleged abuse that would have taken place during the recordings of the novel Dulce Amor in 2012, so He never hesitated to show solidarity with Thelma Fardin

In this way, upon learning about the sentence, Rivero expressed his happiness and relief through the post he published on Instagram for Father’s Day in which he dedicated a heartfelt message to his father Guillermo.

“Today I allow myself to delve into an intimate memory, full of gratitude and emotion, in honor of my father on Father’s Day,” were the words that Calu chose to open the open letter addressed to the man who educated her and watched her grow up. .

In reference to the opening postcard where she could be seen posing next to him, side by side affectionately, Calu expressed: “I want to share with you a moment that left an indelible mark on my heart, one that illustrates the joy and simplicity that my father brings to my life”.


I write this moved to tearslike the hug we gave each other this Monday the 10th, when we found out about the sentence of Juan Darthés“, was read in another of the paragraphs of the extensive text in which he alluded to the sentence that the actor will have to face in the neighboring country.

Furthermore, through the publication that he accompanied with a series of family postcards and a video filmed in New York – a destination he visited to “escape” from the filming of the soap opera, according to what he said – Rivero was grateful for her father’s unconditional company.

“The strength and support that my father gave me in those rare moments of my life will resonate eternally in my being. “His unwavering love and contagious joy are treasures that I treasure with great gratitude,” he expressed.

Thelma Fardín’s response to Calu Rivero’s post

The actress, immediately after that post, responded: “I love you very much, without knowing it you opened a door that would change my life and the lives of many. Enduring pain and violence, but always loved and cared for by that precious family.”to. I love you and I love you so much! I love seeing you happy and building, you deserve all the love.”

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