Denim dress trends 2024: These styles will dominate the summer

Denim dress trends 2024: These styles will dominate the summer
Denim dress trends 2024: These styles will dominate the summer

Whether mini, midi or maxi: denim dresses are one of the must-haves again this year. Although denim is a strong and robust fabric, it is just as suitable for summer days as jersey or linen. We present you five popular trends for 2024.

The material is rough, the style is casual. Denim dresses are a prime example of timeless fashion. Even if the cuts are reinvented again and again, denim fabric remains a constant. But the best thing about it is that small changes such as flounces, puff sleeves, button strips or waist belts result in new creations every year – which are just as suitable for everyday (work) life as they are for leisure time. And not just in summer, but also in the cold autumn and winter months. All the denim look needs is the perfect symbiosis of elegance, casualness and function.

1. Retro-Look

Denim dresses were already celebrated in the 90s. Since then, the it-piece has become an indispensable part of the fashion industry. In keeping with the styles of the past, this year there are many retro-look denim dresses – for example from H&M. The Swedish textile empire offers a whole range of denim dresses (with stretch): from tailored cuts with collars to blouse dresses with belts to models in an oversized style.

2. Curvy Styles

Denim dresses have the advantage that they flatter every figure. For this reason, trendy curvy styles are among the trendsetters this summer. Loose and casual cuts in large sizes are particularly popular this season: whether with long sleeves or narrow straps, in classic denim blue or black, short or long – in 2023, anything that is fun and provides more variety in the wardrobe is allowed.

3. Tiered dresses

Tiered dresses are also popular this year. This style is typical of evenly sewn sections that make denim dresses appear more voluminous – and therefore fit loosely and comfortably. In addition, the denim look can both accentuate and conceal curves thanks to its fashionable sophistication, in keeping with a typical oversized silhouette. It is also nice that the denim dresses still look different.

4. Vintage

Denim dresses that are called “vintage” are usually really old (keyword: second hand) – and come – as in this case – from the 90s. Or they are items of clothing that take up the fashion style of past decades and reinterpret it. Short overalls, embroidered midi dresses or denim dresses with fringes are particularly popular, for example.

5. Hanger

Light, medium blue or dark washes: denim dresses come in different variations. The same applies to the trendy styles and cuts that are still (or again) popular in 2023 – like the classic halterneck, an airy, light denim dress that usually has thin spaghetti straps. The fabric is often smooth or wavy (i.e. sewn in layers) and short or long.

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