What are the best-paid jobs for Argentines in Italy?

What are the best-paid jobs for Argentines in Italy?
What are the best-paid jobs for Argentines in Italy?

Like Spain, Germany or Portugal, Italy is one of the most popular European destinations for Argentines to emigrate and seek new directions. Firstly, because of the large number of Italian ancestors we have and through whom it is possible to process citizenship.

Besides, Italy is the fourth most populous nation in the European Union and the one that receives the most tourists annually.One of the biggest advantages when considering emigrating is that some of their customs are similar to ours: family life, meeting up with friends, meals, some words, etc.

The beautiful landscapes are also an invitation: the paradisiacal beaches or the neighborhoods similar to those of the City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings make one feel like one is at home and choose that country as a destination.

Currently in Italy there are more than 50 thousand jobs on offer to fill positions in different areas, as a result of the emigration of companies to countries with lower tax burdens. Thus, they are looking for foreign candidates who want to live and work in their territory.

Job opportunities are very varied, from dependent jobs to entrepreneurial and digital nomad opportunities. However, there are also opportunities in the health, tourism, administration, transportation, etc. sectors.

People who are not citizens of the European Union will need a work visa in order to be able to live and work in the European country legally. They will also need a work permit, that employers must request with the documents presented by the employee.

These are the best-paid jobs for Argentines in Italy


Italy: in-demand jobs and best places to live


Programming Analyst

Technology programming cybersecurity women

Just as in our country, these professionals are in high demand in Italy. What does a programming analyst do? They program databases, provide support services and manage computer systems using a variety of technologies, operating environments, programming languages, techniques and skills. In addition, this field gives the possibility of working remotely, without having to be in an office. This job pays approximately 32,000 euros per year.



There are a large number of places available in various public and private health centres and nursing homes in Italy. There are not many young people studying nursing in the European country, so the positions remain vacant.

A nurse earns a salary of 1,400 euros per month (they also receive overtime, holidays and health insurance) while a dentist earns up to 3,000 euros per month.

Sales Responsible


The possibility of directing, managing and supervising commercial activities and sales staff is fabulous if it is done in a destination chosen to embark on new paths. It pays between 2,000 and 2,300 euros per month.


couple cooks.jpg

erman arrizo Navarro

The gastronomic world is in fourth and last position in the most in-demand jobs in Italy. Depending on the different tasks that a cook, a chef and a sommelier perform within a kitchen, their respective incomes are in the range of 1,300 to 1,600 euros per month.

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