Jorge Lanata was intubated again and his health is causing increasing concern

Days ago, it had been announced that the journalist had been extubatedhowever, health professionals They had to carry out this procedure again due to their condition. Meanwhile, his family is trying to ensure that no information is leaked.

Jorge Lanata’s health: he was intubated again

As reported in America TVwithin 24 hours the picture of the driver’s health changed. “Unfortunately, the news is now the other way around, “Last night they intubated him”they said.


Concern for Jorge Lanata’s health.

They also revealed that, although there is a lot of secrecy surrounding the journalist because the family is always careful to ensure that no information is leaked, it was learned that on Friday night “He developed a fever” and was intubated again.

The truth is Jorge Lanata He has been battling various health issues for a long time, “but What is happening is not simple“. They even assured that the doctors told the relatives that “they have to to have hopes” and they should wait.

Jorge Lanata’s reflection after his last hospitalization

The journalist spent a month in intensive care after suffering a bacterial urinary tract infectionAfter overcoming it, he recounted what his days there were like.

“I’m 63 years old, minus one month. I lost a month. I was in intensive care for a month, intubated twice, and it was really impressive what happened during that month, I don’t remember anything.. Or rather, I remember dreams. In the time outside here, those dreams meant a month, but I don’t really know. They could have been minutes or days, my body was here, my head wasn’t. It’s a month I’ll never get back,” he explained.

I realized later that I might not have come back. I don’t know why I came back.. Today there could be a film or a tribute program here and that’s it. It’s true that the world turns without us. And then, how can we live?”, he had asked himself.

And he concluded with a reflection: “You know what, I don’t know. Imagine that now everything is over, now. Try to live without regret, of what you didn’t do, of what you couldn’t do, of what you left behind. We think so, but there’s no time..At any moment, a life can be robbed of a month or more.

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