The trick of cleaning experts to remove yellow from appliances

The trick of cleaning experts to remove yellow from appliances
The trick of cleaning experts to remove yellow from appliances

Over time, what was white begins to take color. I discovered how to reverse this situation.


Appliances usually last about ten years on average. During this time, it is very important to carry out proper maintenance and put this trick into practice to prolong their useful life and appearance. And one of the most recurrent problems is that Appliances turn yellow over time, especially those in the kitchen due to constant exposure to grease and dirt.

Whatever the reason, removing that yellowish colour from appliances is a complex task. Abrasive products such as bleach or alcohol can damage the surface, making the situation worse. However, a well-known Instagrammer has shared a foolproof trick that our grandmothers used and for which only one very simple ingredient is needed: hydrogen peroxide in cream.

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The ultimate trick to remove yellow from appliances

To prevent the plugs become yellowish, it is advisable to clean them regularly with a ragkeeping them free of dust and dirt. However, there are times when, despite this care, it is difficult to maintain their original white color, especially if they are exposed to the sun or simply due to the passage of time. To restore their original appearance, the first step is to carefully unscrew the socket skeleton. It is essential to disconnect the power supply to avoid any risk.

In a container, add hydrogen peroxide 30 volume. Using a clean brush, apply this cream over the entire surface of the socket until it is completely covered. Then, wrap the surface tightly with plastic wrap. Let it sit and dry in the open air for at least 24 hours.

After this time, the paste will have increased in volume. Remove the cling film and rinse with water, using a damp cloth to ensure that there is no residue left. Finally, dry the socket thoroughly and screw it back into place. At the end of this process, you will notice that it looks much cleaner and more renewed.

Other solutions for cleaning household appliances

He vinegar It is an excellent resource for household cleaning. For example, mix vinegar with water to remove rust from scissors. It is also useful for deodorizing carpets and leaving faucets spotless. It also works to clean mirrors and disinfect trash cans. In addition, vinegar is ideal for removing lime stains and eliminating the smell of humidity, as well as polishing silver.

On the other hand, the sodium bicarbonate Baking soda is essential for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces. You can use it to wash appliances such as the oven, extractor hood and microwave. It is also effective for cleaning surfaces such as silver, upholstery, carpets and mattresses. In addition, many people use it to unclog kitchen sinks with baking soda. However, it is important to wear gloves and check the labels on textiles and the instructions on appliances before using baking soda.

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