Court date for Chris Töpperwien: He knew nothing about an arrest warrant

Chris Töpperwien has to go to court in Austria. Before the trial, the TV star spoke about the allegations.

TV star and entrepreneur Chris Töpperwien (50) has to appear in court today (8 July) in Wiener Neustadt. The US emigrant is being tried there for alleged embezzlement. On Vox, where Töpperwien’s story is being reported on in “Goodbye Germany – Familie Töpperwien” (8 July, at 10:15 p.m.), the 50-year-old says in a statement about “his days-long odyssey through German prisons”: “I didn’t know that there was an arrest warrant against me. The accusations against me are baseless.”

At the beginning of May, “Currywurst Man” Töpperwien was taken into custody by the federal police at Munich airport when he tried to enter Germany for a TV production. Apparently, there was a European arrest warrant against the “Goodbye Germany” star.

These are the allegations

According to the Vox press release, Chris Töpperwien was reported by his former employer in Austria because he allegedly made private payments for a garden hose using his company card. Knives and barbecue spices were also an issue, it is said. The Cologne resident spent a total of twelve days behind bars because of this before he was finally extradited to Austria. He was then released there.

The allegations are of course not pleasant, “not for him and certainly not for his wife and child: “In my eyes, these allegations are unbelievable and shocking.”

This is how Chris Töpperwien became known

The entrepreneur emigrated to the USA over ten years ago. He started his TV career on the Vox show “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants”.

This was followed by an appearance in the RTL production “Das Sommerhaus der Stars – Kampf der Promipaare”, at the time with his ex-wife Magdalèna Kalley. In 2019 he took part in the successful format “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!”, where he took sixth place.

He has been married to his current wife Nicole since 2022. Their son was born in the same year.

Source: Stern

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