Infidelity: How to recognize when your partner is cheating

Infidelity: How to recognize when your partner is cheating

Loyalty is one of the most important values ​​in a partnership. Nevertheless, statistics show that more and more people are cheating. Therese Kersten wants to expose fraudsters with her agency “The Loyalty Testers” – also because she has personally experienced how painful it hurts when you are deceived.

Anyone who catches their partner lying in the act or notices that their partner’s behavior suddenly changes can sometimes get a sinking feeling in their stomach. Even the slightest suspicion that our partner might be unfaithful can make us despair. Therese Kersten knows the feeling, and for her it became certainty: the 34-year-old had been cheated on by her partner. That’s why she decided to protect other people from this painful experience. Your agency “The Loyalty Testers”, founded 14 years ago, has grown into a successful business.

Ms. Kersten, you founded your loyalty testing agency many years ago. Has anything changed in our loyalty behavior during this time?
Infidelity has always existed. But you notice that we are becoming increasingly fast-paced and live in a throwaway society when it comes to relationships. When we are no longer satisfied in our current relationship, we immediately look for something new instead of working on it. In the past, people were more willing to invest in the relationship and cement the connection. Today you either break up or cheat.

Why infidelity is not the same as infidelity

However, such cheaters run the risk of being caught by you or one of your loyalty testers. What kind of people hire your agency?
Most of the time they are people in whose relationship something has already happened before. Perhaps your partner has been unfaithful in the past or there have been other breaches of trust. Our customers are predominantly women between 30 and 45 years old. The number of men who test their partners is also slowly increasing.

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