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They clean the bottom of the rivera park lake because it is empty due to the drought

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According to the director of the Division of Public Spaces, Natalia Castrothe drought and the water deficit allowed access to the bottom of the lake that dried up almost completely, which made it possible to remove the sediments from the lake.

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Until now, the work allowed to remove 2,000 cubic meters of mud, which were transferred to the Felipe Cardoso Final Disposal Site. The director remarked that it was not waste but rather “sedimented sludge that accumulates over the years and is easier to remove in times of drought.”

The lake that ran out of water, causing the birds that inhabit the place to run out of space to swim, should return to fill with rainwater in the coming months and the “natural discharge from the basin that flows into it through a ravine”. From the administration, they communicated that the works would be extended 15 more days to achieve the total removal of the sedimented mud.

A park suffering from drought

This Sunday morning, the IM announced that the Lecocq Park It is closed until further notice due to the water deficit and the drought that endanger the animals and visitors to the place and that it was the victim of fires the previous Sunday. “Due to the risk of fire due to the situation of drought and water deficit, Lecocq Park will remain closed to the public until further notice,” said the IM statement.

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This space, located near the town of Santiago Vazquez in Montevideo, it functions as a zoo and as a conservation center for animal and plant species. That is why the mayor’s decision was marked by the intention of preserving the safety of the animals and also their visitors.

Source: Ambito

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