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Did William cheat on Kate on Valentine’s Day?

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Although he is the prince Harry who leads the charge in terms of controversies, this time the eldest son of Diana of Wales grabs headlines for the alleged “bump” in their marriage of almost 12 years.

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The third person involved in the discord would be Rose Hanburythe Marchioness of Cholmondeleywho would have been seen at a romantic dinner with William on February 14, quotes the British press.

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Who is Rose Hanbury, William’s alleged lover?

Rose Hanbury She is a former model who at the time was a close friend of Kate Middletonbut the now princess of Wales has marked distance between them.

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The media As adds warns that the marquise divorced her husband David Rocksavage, Marquess of Cholmondeley“overnight” and for reasons that are unknown so far.

The name of Rose monopolized the press for the first time in 2019, when photographs with the prince were made public William at a private party and in which both had a very affectionate attitude.

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