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Sunday, March 26, 2023

the school basket rose 14.05%

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For this, the data of the prices of 393 establishments which were sent to the Consumer Price Information System where, in addition, stationers such as Escool.uy, Gandulia, La Papelera, Mosca, Office2000, and Papacito were surveyed. With the survey done, the results showed a price increase in 38 items while a reduction could be seen in 3.

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In this same sense, it was possible to see that the average interannual increase in the prices of this sample of school supplies between February 2022 and 2023 was 14.05%, while, for the same period, but between the years 2021 and 2022 the average year-over-year increase was a 5.70%.

The three products that increased the most from the disclosure made were the 48-unit Tabaré sheets with 39.86%, followed by the Acrilex Crayons for 12 units with an increase of 37.77% and, finally, the 100-hour Papyrus Notebook. with 34.33%.

On the other hand, the products that increased the least were the 12-unit Stabilo thin markers with an increase of 1.05%, followed by the Stabilo fluorescent marker with 2.08% and the 48-sheet Papyrus lined notebook with 2.16 %.

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Source: Ambito

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