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The Colorado Party approved Peña’s warning

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After Peña admitted to having made a mistake by lying about his university degree, the Committee understood that his conduct has “a trace of at least negligence”; For this reason, it advised “declaring reprehensible the events that occurred in the past and the warning regarding the future trajectory” of the leader of the Ciudadanos sector.

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Faced with this, the CEN resolved this Monday to approve the recommendation of the parking committee to Adrián Peña. “The opinion has been pronounced after meeting all the formal requirements, it has been made public and its content expresses the thought of this Executive Committee,” said the official statement after the virtual meeting.

Peña’s discharge

On Thursday, the former Minister of the Environment went to the Ethics Committee after three sectors of the party filed complaints against him for having presented himself as a graduate in Business Administration when it is not yet received—a six-day course is due. This fact cost him his position, and the Colorados also put their affiliation to the party on the table.

In his defense, Peña acknowledged the mistake of having been awarded a title that he did not yet have, but pointed out that said mistake only affected his personal reputation and that the title had nothing to do with his appointment as head of the Ministry of Environment nor was it used in other situations for personal gain.

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Source: Ambito

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