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Tax cuts and defense of his reform agenda

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“The economic growth is due in large part thanks to the historical maximum that Uruguayan exports reached. They exceeded 13,500 million dollars, and of these, 10,000 million represent the agro-industrial sector,” reported Lacalle Pou, and celebrated: “There is no one else in our country that doubts that if agriculture is doing well, the country is doing well“.

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In turn, he pointed out that the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) “resulted in benefits for the people” in these years. “He marked respect for Uruguayans with the fiscal rule,” she asserted. And later, he stressed: “This law was the initial kick of two reforms that could not be postponed: that of the social Securitywhich is under discussion in this house, and that of educational transformation“.

Regarding the latter, he stated that Uruguayans “have to get out of our comfort zone.” “We all know that the problem is on both sides: what is taught, which is far from reality, and on the other hand, that children, adolescents and their families do not see education as a tool for improvement.”

Like last year, the National Party (NP) He did not summon his militancy to accompany the act, which is not necessarily in person, but which Lacalle Pou prefers to do so as a sign of institutionality.

Lacalle Pou highlighted the evolution in employment and informality figures

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In labor matters, the President highlighted that, currently, “the unemployment rate it is less than it was even before the pandemic.” Thus, he noted that between 2019 and today, there were 17,000 men and women who are no longer unemployed.

As for the levels of informality, specified that in 2019 it was 25%, and today 21%. “The answer is that Uruguayan workers felt that by being close to the regulations they were more protected at a time as fragile as the pandemic.”

The social security reform is “necessary and urgent”

The reform agenda, with social security at the forefront, is another of the pillars of the speech that the head of state finished correcting last night and will last approximately one hour.

“We need a fairer and more supportive system that responds to the future with the fewest complications,” said Lacalle Pou. “For years all the political parties and all of civil society have been talking about the urgency of reforming the pension system,” she added.

This initiative is under discussion in Deputies, after the half sanction of the Senate last December. “Everyone had the opportunity to comment, criticize and contribute in a process that has been intense and extensive,” the president said before the legislators.

Lacalle Pou wants the plenary session of the lower house to vote on it no later than March 31, a schedule resisted not only by the opposition but by its coalition partner Open Town Hall (CA)which requires at least five modifications to the text approved by the senators.

Regarding the project itself, he stated: “It is a progressive reform, the transition regime is 20 years. It is inclusive, because it does not leave any family out. It gives freedom of work; it is supportive, because 100% of the over 70 years will receive a minimum income”.

The government created, weeks ago, expectation with the speech by announcing that it would report the details of the reductions in these two taxes, a measure that was questioned by the opposition Broad Front (FA) and that sparked crossroads between its legislators and Executive members.

Source: Ambito

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