The Broad Front will vote in favor of the reduction of IRPF and IASS

The Broad Front will vote in favor of the reduction of IRPF and IASS

Fernando Pereira, president of the party, assured hours later that “everything that favors a group of Uruguayans” the FA “is going to vote for him”. However, he pointed out that “many of the people who stop paying today are the ones who started paying two years ago; today they loosen a little the strap with which they had tightened people in one of the worst moments in the country.”

Bergara, in turn, raised the benefit “It is not focused on those who need it most”. The reduction will be aimed at IRPF and IASS taxpayers with lower incomes, but even so they represent “a quarter or 30% of the population.” In this sense, Bergara pointed out: “For the 70% of the Uruguayan population, who are the ones with the best income, there is absolutely no tax relief.”

For Bergara, the announcement was made in an “electoral political key”

“We would have done something different, the order of magnitude is disappointing for the expectation that was generated,” said the person who is emerging as one of the main candidates for the FA inmate, who also has on the map Caroline Cosse, Yamandu Orsi and Andres Lima Pereira dropped out of the presidential race.

Bergara maintained that the measure “clearly conforms to the electoral political key” and emphasized that the fact that he is going to vote in favor “definitely does not imply” that it is a substantial measure.

“It is of a very insignificant dimension for the expectation,” he closed. Minutes after the speech, the parliamentarian had already described the announcement as “modest”. “We are talking about 40 million dollarsit is not a very significant thing, but it is in the correct address”.

“That same resignation could turn to a VAT reduction or to return VAT points electronically, which would benefit all Uruguayans”, he maintained this Friday.

Regarding the speech in general, he acknowledged: “We accompany some of the measures and issues that were raised: the same increase, beyond this discussion, the reduction of taxes for MSMEs, for example, which is also very modest ”.

Later, he added: “There are a lot of issues that were raised, feedback in many areas, that we even some of us applaud”.

Pereira asked not to lose sight of “the main concern of the people”

This Friday, the FA had scheduled an open call at 6:30 p.m., at Huella de Seregni, German Barbato 1431, where the National Political Table and the opposition legislators analyzed and evaluated “the performance of the current government, three years after the start of its mandate.”

There, a review of the President’s recent announcements was made and Pereira asked not to lose sight of “the main concern of the people.” For the head of the party, the Astesiano and Marset cases “are the main problem of the government, but not the main problem of the people.”

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