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Can you buy real estate online?

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Buy a property for Internet It is possible, according to some experts, with just a couple of clicks it would be achieved. Various procedures must be carried out and some bureaucratic formalities must be fulfilled. There are several tools that allow you to digitize the procedures.

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Internet has facilitated the connection between buyers and real estate. And also simplify the sale by the owners.

The search

The purchase of a property begins with the search for the property.

According to international studies, more than 90% of searches to buy real estate are made through the Internet, entering web and real estate portals.

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Only a few go directly to the offices of real estate to consult, request information and coordinate visits to the properties.

Consumer behavior has changed, because through the web they search and access detailed information: price, comfort, security, amenities, services and transportation.

The offer

At the beginning of the search, buyers find themselves with a battery of offers, which arrive in their email, through social networks, or on their cell phones.

In turn, real estate companies must find new solutions and adapt to meet the expectations of users and capture their attention.

Today the properties are presented with varied information, from images, renders, videos and photographs and virtual tours.

These digital tools collaborate with the parties to offer and learn about the properties. They are cheaper, faster and more direct to reach clients, and they can see the properties without leaving their home, they do not waste time or visit properties that may not be of interest to them.

The objective is that the client has the idea of ​​knowing the property as if he were visiting it.

concluding the business

Many real estate companies have incorporated technology to simplify processes and reduce operating costs.

today it is possible sign a contract virtually with the use of digital signature. This tool is totally legal and validates the identity of the users and their identity document. There are also essential documents: certificates, plans, etc., which can be processed via the web.

Internet sales are made the most of when the buyer is in a different country or city from where the property is located. However, some steps of the sale must still be carried out in person.

The participation of a notary is crucial, for this reason writing is the only process that has not been digitized, in such a way that the buyer and seller are required to physically appear at the notary.

The pandemic has collaborated to a great extent in the development of technological tools, since real estate offices had to adapt to an unusual context that made activity difficult. By innovating, they manage to market a real estate asset in addition to simplifying the sales process.

The buying process

There are currently some apps that allow you to carry out the purchase process virtually.

The user selects the property, in a similar way to an online purchase: add the property to the shopping cart and must deposit a deposit, through a transfer or credit card.

The system blocks the selected home and prevents another user from starting a purchase process. The buyer must accept the conditions and terms and insert their personal data. You must comply with the prevention of money laundering.

And it comes to the moment of payment of the property and the participation of the notary, who provides legal certainty, verifying and verifying all the documentation that the public records request.

It is also possible in these times that users can request a mortgage loan online.

No web, app or chat eliminates the participation, knowledge, analysis and trust that a real estate advisor provides. The participation of real estate will continue to be, forever, essential, irreplaceable.

* Gonzalo Martinez Vargas is CEO of Moebius Real Estate Consulting

Source: Ambito

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