What are the names that already resonate for the pre-candidacies?

What are the names that already resonate for the pre-candidacies?

There is still a long time left for the 2024 presidential electionbut within the political parties, the possible names for the pre-candidacies that will seek, from one side, to remain in the government of Uruguay and, from the other, recover power.

If the elections were today, the Broad Front (FA) would govern the country again, according to the latest survey by the consulting firm Figure, which resulted in a 43% vote intention for the current opposition, followed by the National Party with 30% and, far behind, the Colorado Party, Open Town Hall and the Independent Party.

However, there is still a long way to go, and the political tables of the parties seek to play their cards intelligently, with the best candidates not only for the presidency, but also for the mayors, and thus also win in the territory.

Disputes in the ruling party

In this sense, the government coalition has an uncertain future. With the resounding refusal of the Cabildo Abierto to present itself to the elections with a common program with its partners —in a kind of institutionalization of the Multicolor Coalitionin the style of the left-wing coalition—, the candidacies will each go their own way.

It is so that the secretary of the Chair, Alvaro Delgado, scores with 9% acceptance within the National Party (PN) and representing the sector Fresh air of the president Luis Lacalle Pou, according to Figure; but it has important competitors in possible internships, requested by various party leaders, which would only take place in mid-2024.

One of them is Laura Raffo, president of the Department of Montevideo of the PN, who wants to be the representative of the blacksmithing (List 71), and who is viewed favorably by several traditional politicians due to his popularity despite not holding any position in the government. However, some quarters question his run for the presidency when he could compete with greater advantage for the Municipality of Montevideo (IM) —in the last elections he lost against the current mayor Carolina Cosse—, considering the importance of the district.

In turn, the possibility resonates that the vice president Beatriz Argimon she presents herself as a candidate in her desire that there be “other political currents” within her party, as well as a greater number of female candidates; and the Ministers of Defense and Social Development, javier garcia and Martin Motto They could also appear in the internal ones.

Regarding Cabildo Abierto, the party leader and current senator, Guido Manini Rios, would be the candidate who will fight for the presidency again —with the departure of the Minister of Health from the political scene, Daniel Salinas, while in the Colorado Party the possibility that the ex-chancellor Pedro Bordaberry, for now reiterated from politics, make his triumphant return for the head of state.

Finally, for the Independent Party, he is the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, the one who has already put his possible candidacy on the table on several occasions, although the definition would only come at the end of this year.

The internal one in the Broad Front

On the other side, the internship of the Broad Front flared up a few weeks ago, with the disputes surrounding the presidency of the Congress of Mayors; and, later, during the visit of the president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, when the need to have a photo with the leader of the Latin American left in order to capitalize on his influence raised dust among the different sectors of the coalition.

Those who sting in point are the mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandu Orsi, by the current of the former president Jose Mujica; and Carolina Cosse, although she is behind the polls, in a difference of 20% to 9%. However, neither of them confirmed her candidacy so far.

Also, the senators Mario Bergara and oscar andrade They are also emerging as possible pre-candidates in the internal Frente Amplio.

Source: Ambito

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