the condolences of the entire political arch

the condolences of the entire political arch

The former senator of the Broad Front (FA), Yvonne Passadapassed away this saturday at 66 years oldas confirmed on their social networks by the Popular Participation Movement (MPP), to which it belonged. The former legislator was also the second woman to hold the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies in the history of the Uruguay.

Passada traveled a serious illness and in the last few days it had been in the news due to a paper in the Senate, where in the first session of the new parliamentary period a minute of silence in his name and the reference of the MPP was still alive.

Facing tension: dialogue and negotiation. With a popular power built by everyone. This is part of the legacy of compañera Ivonne Passada “, the MPP remarked in the text where she confirmed her death. wake this will be done Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Hall of the Lost Steps of the Legislative Palace.

Born in Montevideo on April 4, 1956, Passada was deputy in the period 2005-2015 and senator between 2015 and 2020, a position he assumed in replacement of the then Minister of the Interior, Eduardo Bonomi.

In addition, he was part of the management of the Association of Civil Servants of the Uruguayan Labor University (AFUTU) until 2002 and from that date until 2004, it was one of the coordinators of the PIT-CNT.

In its statement, the MPP recalled her as “a militant for women’s rights and participation who claimed for the integration into politics of all minorities in the greatest number of decision-making spaces possible.

Condolences in the ruling party and opposition for the death of Ivonne Passada

He broad front regretted her death and maintained that “her departure leaves a great void in politics and social activism, but her legacy will endure in the memory of those who had the good fortune to know her.”


“Enormous sadness for the departure of Ivonne Passada. Great partner, committed and supportive. She leaves a legacy in the advancement of women, from teaching, from her role as a union and political leader. Guide our way to a better future. Rest in peace, dear Ivonne”, wrote the Frente Amplista senator Mario Bergara on their social networks.


The National Federation of Secondary School Teachers (Phenapes) del Uruguay regretted the death of the “historic leader of AFUTU and member of the Executive Secretariat of the PIT-CNT” and sent a “tight hug” to her family, colleagues and friends.


The messages also came from the side of the ruling party. the vice president Beatriz Argimon “deeply” regretted the loss of “a great politician, legislator, woman of struggle, committed to her party and the country.” So did the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Paul Miereswho remembered her as a “hard-working and honest, frontal and open-minded.”


Defense Minister, javier garcia, published: “We share many parliamentary days. An adversary with a frank dialogue and a calm voice”. The president of the National Party (PN) in Montevideo, Laura RaffoHe also sent his condolences.


The paper in the Senate for the wrong minute of silence

The situation began when the president of the bench of the Broad Front (FA), Liliam Kechichian, asked for the floor to report on the death of the former legislator from his party. Between the shock and surprise at the news, the debate in the room stopped and the vice president Beatriz Argimon he dedicated a few words to Passada, who “had been suffering from an illness for a long time.”

In this sense, the president of the Senate recalled that the former legislator of the FA was a “authentic vocational” of professional politics. “A militant from her sector, an excellent co-worker and with a very prominent role in the Inter-Parliamentary Union,” she added, also highlighting her role in militancy for the “equality between men and women in Uruguayan society”.

After these words, Argimón asked all the senators to get up from their benches and gave a minute of silence in memory of Passada.

Also, Senator Match Colorado Germán Coutinho He asked for the floor and spoke of the “sad loss” of the legislator. they did the same Carlos Camy, of the National Party, and Guido Manini Rios of Town meeting, greeting his teammates Popular Participation Movement (MPP).

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