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Cell phone contracts up to 11.5 percent more expensive from April

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Drei and A1 have already confirmed price increases in fees, according to the Chamber of Labor (AK) in a statement. Depending on the tariff, three will raise the fees by 8.5 to 11.5 percent, A1 by 8.5 percent. Many mobile phone contracts contain value retention or index adjustment clauses that allow mobile phone providers to adjust certain fees to the consumer index.

As a result, telephony tariffs at Drei will increase by an average of EUR 2.20 per month from April 1st, and data tariffs by EUR 2. At A1, basic charges and service charges will be affected with a price increase of 8.5 percent. Magenta did not comment on the price adjustments.

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Smaller mobile phone providers such as Spusu, HOT, georg or krone mobil have no clauses in their contracts that would allow these index adjustments. In mid-January, however, Yesss introduced index adjustment clauses for new contracts.

According to an ECJ ruling, consumers have no special right of termination in the event of price increases based on value adjustment or index clauses.

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