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Music Award Steyr: “World premiere” at the kick-off in the battery

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“World premiere” at the Music Award Steyr: Moritz Grillnberger, whose stage name is “dnbmoo”, presents his new video at the kick-off.
Image: MAS
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In 2020, the Music Award Steyr (MAS), supported by the OÖN, was launched, at that time exclusively for bands and musicians from the region. In the meantime, the competition initiated by Tobias Kammerhofer, founder of the Steyr advertising and film agency Werbeberg, Günter Stöffelbauer from the event agency Highjump and Stefan Kern from Kern Musikinstrumente has become established and has become an Upper Austria-wide award. On Thursday, March 16, from 5 p.m., the kick-off event for the fourth edition of the MAS will take place in the Steyr cultural center Akku.

At this event, the MAS team will provide all information on how to participate in this award. “This year, bands and musicians from all over the state are invited to apply with songs they have produced themselves,” says MAS founder Kammerhofer. As in previous years, a professional music video awaits the winner, who will be chosen by a specialist jury after a public vote.

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Last year, the 24-year-old Moritz Grillnberger from Ernsthofen, who had the unpronounceable stage name “dnbmoo”, snatched victory with his song “Would not let you drown” (“I wouldn’t let you drown”). The video with the artist was shot last fall and winter and recently finalized by the Werbeberg team. “We will present it to the public for the first time at the kick-off im Akku,” says Noah Kramer from the MAS team, who is already looking forward to the reactions to this video premiere.

But there is also something really worth hearing on the Akku stage: The Linz band “Cecilia”, which took third place at the Music Award Steyr last year, will perform live and present their well-mixed acoustic and electronic sounds to the audience.

Free tickets for the kick-off event and all information about the Music Award Steyr 2023 is available
under www.musicawardsteyr.at

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