Seven things to do in the garden right now

Seven things to do in the garden right now

Freezing temperatures were no problem for most plants. The fruit trees that have already blossomed will only be seen in a few days. Mild temperatures in the first spring and then frosts again are the biggest problem.

What has to be done now?

  • fruit trees can still be pruned, even pruning roses is still not too late.
  • All beds should now be supplied with compost. The humus addition is not only fertilizer, but also stores enormous amounts of water.
  • roses definitely fertilize extra.
  • Sturdy potted plants (Hemp palm, laurel, oleander) can be placed outdoors in mild areas if they have not been overwintered too warm. Set up in a protected place and have fleece ready.
  • In the vegetable garden Plant or sow lettuce, radishes, carrots, chard. Cover with fleece here as well.
  • indoor plants repot now if the pot is heavily rooted.
  • With fertilizing can now generally be started again.

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