Google’s artificial intelligence expert is leaving

Google’s artificial intelligence expert is leaving
Start-up brought dynamism to artificial intelligence.

The latest advances in the field of AI mean “serious risks for society and for humanity,” warned the renowned basic researcher for AI systems in the “New York Times”. He sees a great danger in flooding the internet with false information, which in turn trains the machines.

According to the newspaper, the developer quit his job at Google last month. His boss at the company, Jeff Dean, said he thanked Hinton for his work and emphasized that Google was one of the first companies to publish guiding principles for the use of AI. Google continues to feel “obligated to use AI responsibly”.

Who is in control?

Hinton went on to say, “It’s difficult to imagine how to stop the bad guys from using AI for bad things.” Google and the company OpenAI – the start-up that developed the well-known chatbot ChatGPT – started working on learning systems last year. In March 2023, technology billionaire Elon Musk and numerous experts called for a pause in AI development because it posed major risks for society.

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