75,000 meals delivered for ten years

75,000 meals delivered for ten years
Local manager Wolfgang Weigl, Siegfried Hehenberger, duty manager Manuel Brandstötter
Image: (RK)

Meals on wheels has been available in the Hansbergland for ten years. Right from the start, Siegfried Hehenberger coordinated his 30 or so volunteers who leave the base at the Red Cross branch in St. Veit every day. The number of meals has quintupled from 2013 to almost 11,000 portions. The cooking is done in the kitchen of the old people’s and nursing home in Haslach, where Florian Stockinger, a Red Cross man, swings the wooden spoon. The almost 284,000 kilometers that were covered in the delivery of around 75,000 meals speak for themselves. They are also proud of the 24,600 hours worked and the good community. “The good atmosphere within the group means that we don’t have any staffing problems,” says “train operator” Hehenberger.

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