What is the strategy of the Broad Front and the PIT-CNT to retrace the social security reform?

What is the strategy of the Broad Front and the PIT-CNT to retrace the social security reform?

The head of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, had announced in the act of May 1 that the single union of workers would analyze how to question the reform. In the meeting with the FA, progress was made in entrusting a constitutionalist with a report on variants of tools that can be applied.

“The same limitations that prevent us from making a referendum also prevent us from making a social initiative law. The only space is to add a amendment to the constitutionone of whose direct democracy mechanisms is to gather signatures from 10% of the country’s electoral roll,” said Abdala.

And he explained that these signatures “must be delivered six months before the next national election, which is in October 2024, and it is a plebiscite that is voted simultaneously with the national election”.

Asked if the plant would be in a position to start a campaign of this type, the head of the PIT-CNT responded that the “demands” of the plebiscite are “very minor” compared to those of the referendum against the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC).

For her part, Mercedes Romero, one of the representatives of the Broad Front, assured that the party does not rule out “any option.”

“We came to talk, to receive inputs, to exchange glances and now we return to our organization to transfer some of those glances,” he summarized.

During the act for Labor Day, Abdala had anticipated that the trade union center would not rule out “any form of action to propose another retirement reform. We include the possibility of challenging this nefarious law”. And he assured that “the trade union movement is going to fight for an alternative reform of social security that changes the financing goals, that expands rights and that is financially sustainable, but, first of all, humanely.”

Source: Ambito

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