75% of Uruguayans who buy online abroad do so because of the price difference

75% of Uruguayans who buy online abroad do so because of the price difference

He 75% of Uruguayans this OK with buy online abroad because of the difference in prices that exists with the local market, according to a study carried out by Consulting Teams for the Uruguayan Chamber of Couriers (CUC).

According to the survey data, the 60% of consumers also agreed that the amounts available be increased and that they be equated with those that travelers are allowed to enter.

In the current regulations, a limit of three purchases per year per person, with an amount of 200 dollars each. While those who travel abroad can re-enter the country with $500 worth of merchandise in their suitcases and $850 worth of free shop products (tax free).

A 49% of those consulted believe that the limit allowed for online purchases should be matched with the amounts of merchandise that travelers can enter, however, 30% considered that it is correct that those who make physical transactions can enjoy a higher limit. 11% considered that purchases through the internet have enabled an amount greater than that of travelers.

On the other hand, a 42% of the people surveyed stated that they did not know about the limit of 200 dollars without paying taxes, and a similar 42% answered that they did know him. 16% were partially aware of it, but were not clear about what it was about.

Among those who were aware of the regulations, 36% considered the current amounts adequate, while 31% thought that the limit should be increased, compared to 20% who thought that it should be reduced. Among all respondents, 26% consider that online purchases should not have any type of limit.

93% of online shoppers seek to access products that are not available in Uruguay

He 93% of the buyers surveyed assured that buying online allows them to access a range of products that are not found in the national marketIn addition, 57% indicated that they decide to buy online because they do not have the financial resources to travel abroad.

Of the 607 intervieweesa 66% said they had never bought online abroad, and the other 34% who did. The majority of people who did experience shopping online were people in the age range between 30 and 64 years, with a large majority of people with tertiary and / or university education, the majority of a “high medium” and “high” level. .

10% of those who have bought online indicate that their experience was “very good”, while 14% affirmed that their experience was “good”, 7% said that it was not “neither good nor bad”, 1% that it was “bad”, and 2% said that it was “very bad”.

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