What will H24U be like, the first green hydrogen project in Uruguay?

What will H24U be like, the first green hydrogen project in Uruguay?

It was chosen as the first undertaking to carry out the use of green hydrogen as an energy source.

The project was announced last week. H24U will be the first venture Uruguay in carrying out the use of green hydrogen as the main source of energy, where they will invest 43 million dollars and The project will consist of three phases.

He Green Hydrogen Sector Fundco-organized by MIEM, the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU) and the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII)they selected the project H24U as the winner of the open call in 2022 to choose the first user of this energy element in the country, through financing and support for its development, production and use.

The winning venture, carried out by the consortium made up of Uruguayan companies saceem, CIR and the french Air Liquid, will receive $10 million non-refundable over a period of 10 years. The group will be responsible for executing a venture that incorporates green hydrogen development and production technology; For this, a investment of 43,500,000 dollars. With the initiative, it seeks to lay the foundations to advance in one of the pillars of the second energy transition in Uruguay.

The keys of H24U

The H24U project will implement a charging system powered by green hydrogen as main energy where. In a first instance, 17 will be adapted forest cargo transfer trucks to use the product as a source of energy and that will have a range between 450 and 500 kilometers per charge.

The H24U plan has three phasesthe first consists of the generation of renewable energy – the necessary to separate the water molecules and for which hydrogen corresponds to the denomination “green – through a photovoltaic plant (solar energy) of 5 to 10 hectares and will require a investment of 12 million dollars.

The second phase corresponds to the generation of the hydrogen plantwhere the separation of the molecules actually occurs and the energy is stored – which will have an investment of 18 million dollars – while the third corresponds to the adaptation or purchase of trucks that work with hydrogen from the transfer of forestry cargo and the use of this product as an energy source with an investment of 13 million dollars.

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