I do not regret anything because I did not commit any crime

I do not regret anything because I did not commit any crime

After giving a statement to the Prosecutor, Senator of the National Party (PN) Gustavo Penadés He insisted on his innocence in the case where he is being investigated for sexual abuse of minors and assured: “I do not regret anything because I did not commit any crime.

The legislator arrived shortly before 3:00 p.m. and said he was “don’t worry”. After appearing for nearly an hour and a half before the prosecutor for Sexual Offenses, Alicia Ghione, He went out to confirm his innocence and, when asked at a press conference if he regretted anything, he clarified: “Absolutely nothing.”

Lawyer javier vega confirmed that “it was not an easy day” for his defendant and confirmed that the investigation will continue to develop. “Let’s hope we get to material truth”, stated the lawyer, although he preferred not to delve into further details.

The History teacher, Sebastián Mauvezin, accused by one of the victims in the framework of the complaints involving the PN senator, was also at the Prosecutor’s Office.

An imputation process against him is not yet open. After listening to it, yes. Ghione decides that there are elements for which it should be imputed, must request the impeachment of the legislator before the Justice.

Until now, at least five people reported having been sexually exploited by Penadés when they were minorsalthough Soledad Suarezthe lawyer of the legal office of the University of the Republic (udelar) assured a few weeks ago that he was aware that more victims would have declared before Ghione outside the sponsorship of the office.

This is why the prosecutor is probing to request the extension of the reservation of the case, which expires this Friday. This reservation leaves the Prosecutor’s Office with the only access to the steps taken by the investigation, leaving out the defense lawyers and the complainants themselves. This legal tool had been approved by the judge a few months ago and is scheduled for a maximum period of six months.

Penadés received a new complaint for abuse in recent days

This Monday it transpired that a new person, of legal age, testified before the prosecutor denouncing Penadés for events that happened when he was a minor. This is the fifth victim who is accompanied by the Udelar legal office, after what was the accusation of the nationalist militant Romina Celeste.

On March 29, Penadés said in his last public appearance that he would make himself available to the Justice “for what it deems pertinent to do”. In turn, he claimed to have “peace of mind“, and that at some point would start “the corresponding legal actions against all active participants in these slander“.

The nationalist senator is currently on leave in the Parliamentas well as in their obligations with the PN.

Source: Ambito

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