The dollar stopped the rise and signed a slight decrease of 0.09%

The dollar stopped the rise and signed a slight decrease of 0.09%

The US currency cut two straight days of rises and closed at $38,799, according to data from the Central Bank of Uruguay.

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the dollar receded 0.09% with respect to the day of Thursday and closed in 38,799 pesos, according to the official price of the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU), breaking the upward trend shown by the US currency during the previous two days.

On the reference board of the Republic Bank (BROU), the dollar was offered this Friday at 37.55 pesos for the buys and 40.05 pesos for the sale. On the other hand, the preferential value of the eBROU dollar He was in 38.05 pesos for the buys and 39.55 pesos for the sale.

Meanwhile, the last operation of the day in the Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay (Bevsa) was agreed in 38,799 pesoswhile the maximum price was 38.80 pesos and the minimum of 38.78 pesos. During the day, the number of transactions was a total of 46with a total amount of operations of more than $28.4 million.

The projections of the latest Survey of Economic Expectations indicate that market agents expect the dollar to close the year in 41.00 pesos on average, which would imply an increase by the end of 2023 of the 6.02%.

In addition, the exchange rate delay, which closed 2022 with a 10.65% depreciation of the dollar, is another issue that worries the export complex and sectors such as commerce and construction, who have spent months demanding the end of the contractive policy of the Central Bank.

The price of the dollar over the last five days

  • May 19 — 38,856
  • May 23 — 38,625
  • May 24 — 38,673
  • May 25 — 38,834
  • May 26 — 38,799

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