The Minister of Defense fired the teacher of the Military Lyceum linked to Gustavo Penadés

The Minister of Defense fired the teacher of the Military Lyceum linked to Gustavo Penadés

Sebastián Mauvezín is being investigated as an intermediary between the senator and the abused minors.

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The minister of Defending, javier garciaordered the immediate termination of his functions in the Military Lyceum to the history teacher Sebastian Mauvezin after an administrative investigation that began last May. The teacher is being investigated for acting as an intermediary between the senator Gustavo Penades and the victims in the case of sexual abuse of minors.

García’s decision was precipitated in light of the documentation sent by the Sexual Offenses prosecutor, Alicia Ghioneto Parliament in the request to impeach the senator, which was voted unanimously within the plenary session of the Upper House, after having passed through the Constitution and Legislation Commission of the Senate.

According to the documents that the prosecutor sent to Parliament, Mauvezín is being investigated for an action by “catchmentof minors to hold a meeting with Penadéswith rewards (or promises of some kind of reward) in exchange for sexual acts.

Romina Celeste said that Mauvezín is “another pedophile” and brought minors to Penadés

Since the public complaint against Penadés by the militant of the National Party (PN), Romina Celeste Papassowhich unleashed the current investigation for sexual abuse of minors, Mauvezín would have closed all his social networks.

After what was his statement in prosecutionPapasso had indicated through his Twitter account that Mauvezín is “ another pedophile” that “disappeared from the map“after the accusations against Penadés were made public, and that”He was in charge of taking the minors“to the senator.

Likewise, when Mauvezín’s own name began to circulate in the media, he requested leave from the Military Lyceum, where until now he had been allowed to continue in office since his participation in the case had not been proven.

Source: Ambito

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