Boarding school is being renovated: Altstadthotel steps in as accommodation provider

Boarding school is being renovated: Altstadthotel steps in as accommodation provider
Hotel owner Roland Jäger, school director Judith Blaimschein, hotel manager Christiane Jäger and mayor Christian Gratzl

With around 1,000 students annually, the vocational school for construction in Freistadt is one of the largest educational institutions in the Mühlviertel. The school building is currently being extensively renovated. The renovation of halls, training workshops, laboratories, exhibition rooms, lounges and examination rooms was also pushed forward during the summer holidays.

Because the old wing of the vocational school boarding school is also being renovated in the current school year, a different solution had to be found for the apprentices traveling from further afield. Together with the Jäger family, we worked on a timely solution for a “temporary boarding school” near the school location. Starting today, 80 students from the lower school levels will move into their rooms in the Hotel Goldener Adler in Salzgasse on weekdays for each training cycle. This solution will last throughout the school year. You learn, work and eat in the main building on Linzer Straße. The young people will spend their additional learning and free time in the Goldener Adler, supervised by educators.

Family operates two locations

In the Jäger family’s second old town hotel, the Hotel zum Goldenen Hirschen in Böhmergasse, the 31 rooms are operating as usual. Up to 70 people can stay here. The house was first mentioned in documents in the 13th century and is located directly in the old town at Böhmertor. The winding corridors and corners still exude a unique medieval flair – especially in combination with the modern rooms. The romantic guest garden right next to the city wall invites you to relax and feast. Family celebrations or club meetings are also organized with a lot of hospitality thanks to many years of experience.

City marketing supported

The mayor of Freistadt, Christian Gratzl, is just as impressed by the successful cooperation with the vocational school as director Judith Blaimschein and hotelier Christiane Jäger: “The temporary boarding school in the Hotel zum Goldenen Adler is a very good solution for everyone involved!” Christa Kreindl from city marketing was also able to provide important support in the start-up phase.

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