Uruguay’s population has stagnated since 1985

Uruguay’s population has stagnated since 1985

The director of Statistics National Institute (INE), Diego Aboalassured that the population of Uruguay has remained stagnant since 1985, and that preliminary data from the 2023 Census They didn’t throw up too many surprises.

“Already in 1985 we were 3 million,” the leader explained to Subrayado this Sunday, and added that this aspect “is associated with a process of lower birth rates and, therefore, aging of the population.”

“Nothing indicates with the figures we have that we have too many surprises in terms of this process of long-term stagnation of the population,” he remarked. Aboal.

“The in-person phase will be concluding by the end of next week”

The head of the INE assured that “the face-to-face phase (of 2023 Census) will be concluding by the end of next week”, since various interior departments are closing and there are already “a few” addresses left for census takers to visit.

“In urban areas there are about 7,000 addresses left out of about 1.75 million traveled,” he commented. Aboal, who explained that it is because there are still some visits to houses in settlements. “In rural (areas) there are 3,000 points, where 1 in 3 is inhabited,” he said.

Aboal indicated that these rural shortages are concentrated in the departments of cannelloni and Maldonadobut that in general terms there are a number of “very high responses” from citizens, although “there will be a small percentage, as is the case in every census, of people that have not been counted”.

The INE completed the in-person survey in San José

This Monday, the INE will announce the complete completion of the in-person survey in the department of Saint JosephAs reported Aboal through your X (Twitter) account.

The leader thanked the local mayor for the support, Ana Maria Bentaberrias well as other departmental authorities.


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