Manini Ríos warned of government errors that could lead to him losing the elections

Manini Ríos warned of government errors that could lead to him losing the elections

The leader of Open Town Hall, Guido Manini Ríos, warned about the government’s “errors” and warned that they could lead to losing elections next year, in a context that he defined as “parity” with the Broad Front, which according to some surveys is emerging as a favorite.

Among those failures, Manini Rios listed issues linked to complaints such as the case of the former presidential custodian Alejandro Astesiano, the investigation by the drug trafficker Sebastian Marset and the recent complaints of clientelism in the Joint Technical Commission of Big Jump.

In dialogue with El Espectador, the senator considered that “the parity between the two electoral blocs into which the country is divided is such that any mistake can lead to it being lost by the slightest difference.”

The legislator stated that “there are clearly mistakes that can be made” but warned about those that “generate a certain commotion that can lead to the loss of support that ultimately makes a difference.”

The leader of Cabildo Abierto warned that “a price can be paid”

In that direction, the leader of the most rebellious party in the Multicolor Coalition noted the aforementioned cases of Astesiano, Marset and Salto Grande. “If the concept is imposed on public opinion that things were done wrong intentionally and that there are no excuses, a price can be paid,” he admitted. Manini Rios and added that “the electorate picks up the tab.”

In any case, he analyzed that the Wide Front He also made his mistakes, which is why he analyzed: “It is an addition and subtraction. These errors can put the victory in 2024 at risk.”

It is not the first time that the reference of AC launches statements critical of the government, the space it heads being one of the points of greatest conflict within the government. In fact, in recent weeks he pledged his support to the Accountability to a greater allocation of resources for the salaries of military personnel, a discussion that has not yet been settled, although in the last hours the ruling party managed to reach an agreement in principle.

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