Pope Francis created a new public university to respond to the global crisis

Pope Francis created a new public university to respond to the global crisis
September 26, 2023 – 2:32 p.m.

The house of higher education aims to respond to the global crisis linked to the values ​​of equality.


He Pope Francisco instituted the creation of the University of Sense, an organization that seeks to “reimagine education by putting the person in their uniqueness and the community as an expression of plurality at the center.” The study house will be public, autonomous and managed by International Educational Movement Scholas Occurrentes.

With the aim of “responding to the World crisis of meaning”, the civil university center will be based in the Vatican City State. “Scholas“As a community that educates, as an intuition that grows, it opens the doors of the University of Sense with students of all realities, languages ​​and creeds so that no one is left out when what is taught is not a thing but life itself.” , stated the Supreme Pontiff.

At the same time, he assured that the culture proved to have lost its vitality, so this new institution will be able to form a “community that educates, like an intuition that grows.” “Educating is search for meaning of things,” he added.


The "atypical university" will be located within the Vatican.

The “atypical university” will be located within the Vatican.

The institution’s proposal is to have a “very small seed that can become a very large tree, where the roots are in the teachings of Pope Francis and in the experience of Scholas; a university local and global, intercultural, interfaith and intergenerational“, they specified.

“Learning is nourished by all the languages ​​of scientific and humanistic knowledge, art, technology and life experiences. This university feed the soul and knows how to distinguish what is simply useful from what is indispensable, it helps not to lose sight of what is essential, because man does not live by bread alone,” they explained.

To carry out the university, the professors collaboratedr Mpho Tshivhase, from the University of Pretoria; the teacher Stefania Travagnin, from the University of London; The teacher Souleymane Bachir Diagne, from Columbia University; and the teacher Diane Moorefrom Harvard University, among others.

From Scholas Occurrentes highlighted the importance of creating a global university body that responds to the need to put people in their uniqueness at the center, and the community as an expression of plurality.

For a decade, the organization has carried out educational experiences with young people of different faiths and cultures in the five continentsin response to the deep thirst for meaning so present in these times.

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