Pope Francis called for a ceasefire and the release of the hostages

Pope Francis called for a ceasefire and the release of the hostages

“Let no one give up the possibility of stopping the weapons,” he said in his weekly blessing in St. Peter’s Square.

Let them cease the fire“he added, mentioning a recent television appeal by Father Ibrahim Faltas, one of the Vatican representatives in the Holy Land.

Then he added in his own words: “We say: Stop the fire! Stop, brothers and sisters! “War is always a defeat, always!”

Referring to “the serious situation in Palestine and Israel,” he said: “In Gaza, in particular, let there be space to ensure lto humanitarian aid and that the hostages be released immediately,” he said, speaking of the Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7.

Gaza Palestinians loot UN supermarkets

Thousands of desperate Gazans broke into warehouses and distribution centers of the United Nations Palestinian Refugee Agency (UNRWA) to get flour and “basic survival items, the organization reported on Sunday.

Francis spoke as Israeli forces carried out ground operations against Hamas in Gazain what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the second phase of a three-week war aimed at crushing the group.

“Thousands of people entered several UNRWA warehouses and distribution centers in the central and southern Gaza Strip,” said the UN agency, which is by far the largest provider of humanitarian services in the Palestinian region. it’s a statement.

“It is a worrying sign that public order is beginning to collapse after three weeks of war and a severe siege of Gaza,” UNRWA added in a statement.

Visiting Nepal, the UN Secretary GeneralAntónio Guterres, formertoday expressed his concern about the “increasingly desperate” situation in the Gaza Strip and regretted that Israel has “intensified its military operations” in the Palestinian enclave.

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