El Niño affects Brazilian soybeans and opportunities grow for Uruguay

El Niño affects Brazilian soybeans and opportunities grow for Uruguay
October 30, 2023 – 12:08

The South American giant is the main exporter of soybeans in the world. However, climatic conditions compromise its production.


The production of Brazilian soybeans is currently affected by a major drought, accompanied by extreme heat that affects the production of the oilseed, while, in the Uruguay, the panorama is a little more encouraging, which could mean an advantage for the country.

The average price of soybeans in the Uruguay It is around 445 dollars, a price much higher than that offered by the South American giant, being the world’s leading exporter of soybeans. However, the effects of the storm The boy are having their effects in Brazilian fields, which could mean an opportunity for the Uruguay.

According to the consultant Agriculturalsoybean planting 2023/24 Brazil Until last Thursday, it had reached 40% of the planned surface area, 10 percentage points more than the previous week. In that sense, planting remains behind last year’s levels, when 46% of the areas had been planted at the same time.

AgRural assured that field work lost strength in the main grain producing state, Mato Grossoas some areas there deal with dry weather, which affects the overall pace of planting in Brazil, even as other states recorded some favorable rains, the consultant added.

“The light and scattered rains predicted for Mato Grosso arrived and helped alleviate the heat, but the volumes and distribution remained very irregular,” he established, adding that in the driest and/or backward areas, the fear of needing to replant persists. large areas of soybeans and planting part of the 2024 second corn crop outside the ideal window.

Furthermore, they reported that farmers in south-central Brazil They have planted 53% of the area planned for their first corn harvest of 2024, up from 46% a week ago, but below the 56% recorded a year earlier.

Uruguay has good forecasts for summer crops

The producer and member of the Dolores Agricultural Association, Enrique Oyharzabal, He assured that, in addition to soybeans, there are good expectations for summer crops in general. In that sense, they hope to have a “normal year, which we haven’t had in a long time” and they assured that their objective is that “the crops lack absolutely nothing, to leave with everything well done.”

Regarding production costs, Oyharzabal stated that “surprisingly year after year they are increasing, every year we have changes for the worse in costs,” which is why he highlighted the importance of focusing on productivity.

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