Linz municipal council parties condemn anti-Semitism

Linz municipal council parties condemn anti-Semitism
Sign of solidarity against Hamas terror: the Israeli flag flies in front of the town hall.

“We need a clear signal from politicians that we will not tolerate hatred, extremism and anti-Semitism under any circumstances,” says Deputy Mayor Martin Hajart (VP). A corresponding emergency motion will be passed unanimously by all nine parties represented in the local council tomorrow at the initiative of the People’s Party Any form of anti-Semitism, whether from Muslims, right-wing or left-wing extremists, has no place in Linz.

Exclusion has no place

“As a social democratic parliamentary group, we see our city as a place of diversity where exclusion and the violation of human rights have no place,” says SPÖ parliamentary group leader Stefan Giegler. It cannot be the case that the achievements of the city of peace Linz are threatened by violent migrants says FPÖ club chairman Wolfgang Grabmayr. “Anti-Semitism is a phenomenon with a long and painful history that must no longer have a place in our city or in our society as a whole,” says Green club chairman Helge Langer.

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Sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents

After the Hamas attack on Israel and the reaction, there was also a sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents in Austria. The Israeli flag, which was raised in front of the Old Town Hall as a sign of solidarity with the Israeli victims of the massacre, has already been torn down or damaged three times.

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