Danilo Astori was veiled in Parliament

Danilo Astori was veiled in Parliament

The former vice president and former Minister of Economy Danilo Astori There was a vigil from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Hall of the Lost Steps of the Legislative Palacein recognition of his fundamental political career in Uruguay. President Luis Lacalle Pou was present, along with other officials of the national government, as well as leaders from all sectors of the Broad Front.

The last goodbye to the founder and reference of the Wide Front has in it Parliament of which he was a part of as a senator until November of last year, when he resigned because the health problems he had – respiratory failure – allowed him to be present in only three of the 120 sessions that had taken place until then since the formation of the legislature with the assumption of Lacalle Pou as president.

The coffin of the leader of the Wide Front He arrived at 9:45 and at 10 the doors opened to receive those who want to say goodbye to the renowned politician and economist. Lacalle Pou arrived minutes after 10. For her part, the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF) Azucena Arbelechealso came close to firing Astori, with whom he worked in the economic portfolio when he was in charge, in the direction of the Debt Management Unit (UGD).

The vice president also participated in the farewell Beatriz Argimón; the Minister of National Defense, Javier García; the Minister of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), Pablo Mieres; The ex-president Julio María Sanguinetti; and the former president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Enrique Iglesias; among other government figures.

“We came to greet his family and his co-religionists,” Lacalle Pou said at a press conference upon leaving the Legislative Palace. “It’s good to separate, in the heat of battle, when you have respect for certain people, even if you don’t think the same, these moments are to greet,” she added. In Uruguay “there is no that famous crack that exists in other countries,” he said.

By the Broad Front, the president of the coalition was present Fernando Pereira; the presidential candidates Carolina Cosse and Yamandu Orsi; and officials and legislators from the sector that is today the opposition at the national level.

Astori was 83 years old and died yesterday morning after being hospitalized since October 31 due to respiratory failure. He had also broken his hip and suffered a micro heart attack. He was a leader of the moderate Frente Amplista wing, and held the vice presidency during the administration of Jose Mujica, In addition to being Minister of Economy during the two governments of Tabaré Vázquez, setting the course of the left-wing coalition’s economy.

From 12:45 p.m., in addition, a concentration of militants was held at the Huella de Seregni, while at 1 p.m. the procession stopped at the headquarters on Colonia Street and ten minutes later, at the headquarters of the Uruguay Assembly. Finally, at 2 p.m. the funeral will take place in the La Teja cemetery.

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