Long traffic jam on the Brenner motorway thanks to the “Last generation”

Long traffic jam on the Brenner motorway thanks to the “Last generation”
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Five supporters of the movement stuck their hands to the road, causing traffic to come to a complete standstill. After about an hour, the rally was broken up by the police on behalf of the district administration. An activist was injured in the eye, reports follow.

According to the police, she came forward “Last generation” shortly before 10 a.m. at the control center to announce the blockade on the Brenner motorway. The activists sat on the highway with their hands taped to the direction of travel, making it impossible for road users to move forward. Because there were many vehicles on the road in the heavy traffic, the traffic jam stretched back to the Schönberggalerie. The A13 was freely accessible in the opposite direction.

Following the authority’s corresponding order, the activists were carried off the street by the police shortly before 11 a.m. The injured woman was taken to the hospital in Hall in Tyrol. According to her, an unknown road user tried to carry her off the road and got super glue in her eye. At around 11.30 a.m. the A13 was unhindered again and the activists were reported for violating the assembly law – they had not registered their rally. The activist’s bodily harm is also reported.

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