The French Senate toughened the immigration reform project

The French Senate toughened the immigration reform project
November 15, 2023 – 00:00

In this way it will be easier to expel foreigners, just as they conditioned social aid and medical aid for those who do not have papers, among others.

Controversy. With this law they seek to stop the wave of immigrants in French territory.

Paris – The French Senate yesterday approved the immigration bill in a toughened version with respect to that of the Government, which will now present it to the National Assembly starting December 11. The senators, dominated by an alliance between the right and The centrists voted 210 to 115 in favor of this text of law after reinforcing numerous repressive measures, aimed at facilitating the expulsions of “delinquent” foreigners and simplifying expulsion procedures. The legislators thus tightened the criteria for family reunification and access to nationality, they conditioned social aid for foreigners to having five years of residence and eliminated State Medical Aid for people without papers, among others. The temporary regularization of workers in an irregular situation in sectors with a shortage of labor, which the right wanted to eliminate, was finally maintained in the text, but specifying that it would be treated on a case-by-case and “exceptional” basis. Aid associations The migrants said they were “scandalized” by this “festival of horrors” and called on the National Assembly, which begins the examination of the reform on December 11, to reverse this tightening of immigration policy by the Senate. The ruling party is divided. Although the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, welcomed a project “enriched” by the Senate, deputy Sacha Houlié, representative of the center-left current, said that they would restore “the initial project.” In the face of criticism from the extreme right, the With this reform, which speeds up expulsions, the Government seeks to demonstrate “firmness” against immigration, but it lacks the necessary majority in the bicameral Parliament to move it forward without changes. AFP Agency

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