A new stage opens, said Enciso about Milei’s triumph

A new stage opens, said Enciso about Milei’s triumph

President Luis Lacalle Pou called the Argentine president-elect, Javier Mileifrom China to congratulate him on his campaign, after having done so publicly on social networks; meanwhile, the ambassador of Uruguay In the neighboring country he assured that new relations are coming with Argentina.

“A new stage is opening.” This is how the Uruguayan ambassador in Argentina defined it, Carlos Encisoafter the presidential victory of the far-right politician, Javier Mileiin conversation with Radio Carve.

The ambassador announced that there are intentions on the part of the Uruguayan government – ​​reflected in the president’s call Luis Lacalle Pou from China to Javier Milei – to maintain a close bilateral relationship where issues are brought to the agenda that could not be discussed with the current government of Alberto Fernandez.

“There is a desire on our part to be able to generate a possible meeting before or after the inauguration of the president to be able to officially schedule some issues that our own president will have together with the Argentine president in a virtuous agenda with Argentina”, Enciso advanced, specifying that some issues may be more related to this Argentine government, such as the positioning regarding the Mercosur.

In that sense, Enciso highlighted the good relationship that can be seen between Javier Milei and Luis Lacalle Pou. “There is going to be an interesting and positive exchange scenario in addition to the formality,” explained the ambassador. In that sense, Enciso assured that the relationship with Diana Mondino – the possible chancellor of Javier Milei’s government – ​​has had relations for some months that she described as “very good” where some meetings with politicians were held.

Regarding the possible changes in the Mercosur, The ambassador established that, based on the president-elect’s statements, a vision of openness could be expected that could help reschedule issues such as flexibility and the opening that the government wanted to impose Luis Lacalle Pou.

What does the Milei government think about Mercosur?

In 2021, after giving a conference in Uruguay, Milei expressed in an interview with Busqueda that, if he had power, he would “eliminate” the Mercosur. The economist specified on that occasion that, far from the Uruguayan position of asking for “flexibility” within the economic bloc, he believes that it should be suppressed.

“No flexibility as the Uruguayan government demands,” he said at that time. “Why does the government have to be regulating our commercial transactions?” She insisted, in line with what was his presentation in the presidential debate for the November 12 runoff.

That same year, but in an interview with CNN, Javier Milei commented that Argentina should go against the Mercosuras well as former US president donald trump did it with him North American Free Trade Agreement (either NAPHTHAfor its acronym in English).

“He Mercosur “It is a customs union that favors businessmen who do not want to compete and that goes against Argentine interests,” he noted at the time.

Source: Ambito

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