Álvaro Delgado defines his departure from the government to dedicate himself to the campaign

Álvaro Delgado defines his departure from the government to dedicate himself to the campaign

The Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, anticipated that he will resign from his position in the coming weeks, after having announced that he will compete as a pre-candidate for president in the elections internal National Party June of next year.

In that context, Slim prepares the ground for the current deputy secretary of the Presidency to take his position, Rodrigo Ferres, so that the white leader can compete in the internal elections, in which he starts as a favorite, against names like those of the economist Laura Raffo and the senator Jorge Gandini.

The leader, who formalized his nomination last Saturday, held the position since the beginning of the president’s term. Luis Lacalle Pou, with whom he formed the movement in 2009 Fresh air, inside of the National Party.

“Yes, I will accept that challenge. I want to be the candidate of National Party, the candidate of the government coalition and I want to be the next president of the Republic,” he said. Slim in full action in Cambadu Park.

A message against the crack, but critical of the Broad Front

In his proposal for the country, the Secretary of the Presidency was against the confrontations. “I don’t believe in Uruguayan crack, even though some with radical speeches have that political intention,” he told weeks ago to Ambit.

Slim He vindicated the actions of this government by pointing out that it was able to “put the house in order”, but he was also critical several times of the Broad Front, by accusing him of having the “most radical leadership in its history, without leadership or firewalls,”

In his recent speech announcing the pre-candidacy, he also spoke about the figure of the recently deceased former vice president. Danilo Astori. “Wow we miss Astori already Liber Seregni”, he expressed, praising the leaders, but contrasting them with the current Frente Amplista leadership.

Who is Rodrigo Ferrés, his successor?

Ferres is a lawyer specialized in administrative law and accompanied Lacalle Pou since the beginning of his political career. They were even college classmates.

According to reports, it is likely that he will assume the position he leaves vacant. Slim in December and it is unknown who will remain in his position, although it is expected that the changes will be announced by the president himself.

Source: Ambito

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