Shortage of teachers: career changers as a great hope for the poly location

Shortage of teachers: career changers as a great hope for the poly location
Teachers are urgently needed at the St. Georgen an der Gusen middle school with the integrated polytechnic.

The 42-year-old from Linz is also responsible for the integrated poly. But it is precisely in this area that educators are currently facing major challenges. The reason for this is the increasing shortage of teachers.

29 young people are currently being taught at the poly, including in the fields of metal technology, electrical engineering and health and social affairs. From today’s perspective, whether this diversity can be maintained or, ideally, expanded in the coming year depends on whether it is possible to recruit new teachers. Zeiml: “In practical training, two experienced teachers will be retiring after this school year. This leaves a big gap for us.” If it is not possible to fill the vacant positions, the worst case scenario is that the polytechnic school will be dissolved. The young people affected would then have to move to Perg.

In his search for practically experienced teachers, Zeiml has high hopes for career changers: “Anyone who can imagine pursuing a career at the polytechnic school can contact me at any time.” The school has already had good experiences with career changers.

The idea of ​​employing self-employed people through a work contract, as is common practice at HTLs, cannot be implemented in polytechnic schools. “We lack the legal requirements for this in compulsory schools,” says Zeiml.

The school director receives support in finding teaching staff from both the education directorate and the municipality of St. Georgen. Mayor Andreas Derntl (VP) knows “how well and practically the girls and boys are trained here”. We want to maintain this quality in the area by all possible means.”

Regardless of whether the staff shortage at the poly can be solved, the middle school will definitely remain an integral part of the local educational landscape. Together with the community, Zeiml is currently fine-tuning concepts to make the middle school even more attractive and to create the best possible educational offering for 10 to 14 year olds.

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