Netanyahu says no to America

Netanyahu says no to America
The need in Gaza is growing, but Israel wants to keep fighting.

While the USA is campaigning for an independent state for the Palestinians, this is rejected by the Israeli head of government. He doesn’t want to give up control of areas, “Israel’s prime minister must be able to say no when necessary, even to our best friends.”

“From every area we withdraw from, we get terror, terrible terror,” Netanyahu explained his decision at a press conference. This happened in southern Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank. Therefore, in the future, Israel must have security control over all territories west of the Jordan River.

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In any case, Netanyahu said he wanted to continue the offensive in the Gaza Strip “until complete victory,” which meant the destruction of Hamas and the return of the hostages. However, he admitted: This could take “many more months”.

The UN, however, accused Israel of violating international law in its fight against Hamas: “Israel has done a number of things that are highly illegal,” it said.

  • ZIB: ORF correspondent Christophe Kohl reports from Washington and Nikolaus Wildner from Haifa on the two-state solution:

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