Several dead after suspected Israeli attack in Damascus

Several dead after suspected Israeli attack in Damascus
The four-story house was completely destroyed.

As the Iranian news agency reported with reference to informed sources, two other members of the Revolutionary Guard were also killed in the attack.

Syrian media had previously reported an Israeli attack on a five-story building in Damascus. Iranian state television blamed Israel for the attack.

Building completely destroyed

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least five people were killed in the suspected Israeli attack. The four-story building that was attacked was completely destroyed. The Israeli military did not initially comment.

The Syrian state news agency Sana’s report said the attack was “the result of Israeli aggression.” Pictures on social media showed a destroyed house on the side of the road.

Israeli attacks increased

Israel’s air force repeatedly bombs targets in neighboring Syria. Israel wants to prevent its arch-enemy Iran and its allied militias from expanding their military influence in the country. Iran is one of Syria’s most important allies. Israeli attacks have increased since the Gaza war began in early October.

The situation in the region has been extremely tense since the Gaza war broke out as a result of the Islamist Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7th, which left 1,200 dead. A few days ago, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired rockets from their own territory into Iraq, Syria and Pakistan for the first time since the start of the war in retaliation for terrorist attacks and the killing of a general in Syria.

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At the end of December, Iranian General Sejed-Rasi Mousavi, a senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), was killed in a suspected Israeli airstrike in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus.

Experts and observers believe that the world is currently experiencing a dangerous shadow conflict between the United States, Israel and Iran. Shortly after the terrorist attack on Israel by the Islamist Hamas on October 7th, its leadership praised the attack as an act of resistance, but vehemently rejected any direct involvement.

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