The PIT-CNT marched against Milei and accused him of violating Mercosur labor regulations

The PIT-CNT marched against Milei and accused him of violating Mercosur labor regulations

He PIT-CNT mobilized in front of the Embassy of Argentina in Uruguay to show solidarity with general strike launched in the neighboring country and express their “deep rejection” with the measures adopted by the president Javier Milei in his first days of government.

He president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, considered that the laws promoted Milei “They are labor deregulation and are antidemocratic,” while warning: “To the extent that they limit the exercise of democratic rights and freedoms, they are perforating the labor regulations of the Mercosur”.

After the march through the streets of Montevideo, which included about 300 people, Abdullah clarified that the concern “is not only solidarity” with the CGT from the neighboring country, remembering that “in Argentina many live Uruguayans”.

Finally, representatives of the PIT-CNT They met with the head of the Foreign Ministry of the Uruguayan embassy, Luis Albero, to whom they gave a document about the “deep rejection” of the Argentine president’s measures.

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Support for the strike and repudiation of Milei’s measures, the axes of the statement

The Uruguayan union center released the content of the statement against Milei’s measures, where it supported the strike called in the neighboring country “in rejection of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) and the project omnibus law, considering that these initiatives “violate the principles of division of powers, democratic principles and the correct functioning of institutions and constitutional norms.”

Among the measures that “extremely negatively affect workers,” the PIT-CNT highlighted that the DNU “imposes strong limits on the exercise of the right of strike and the holding of union assemblies; extends the trial period from 3 to 8 months; allows to deregulate workday and the regulation of the extra hours”.

At the same time, they lamented that “it facilitates outsourcing and labor intermediation; reduces the redundancy payment; weakens the employment contract law by reducing its applicability; eliminate fines for unregistered employment and for non-payment of compensation.”

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Regarding the omnibus law, they stated that “it includes a modification of the Penal Code that takes the criminalization of social protest to levels not seen since the last military dictatorship, among the measures clearly intended to limit union action.”

“We express our deep rejection of the measures that the government has imposed against the working class and unions, in addition to setting a regional precedent in terms of a clear violation of labor, social and union rights,” stated the entity that leads Abdala.

And he concluded: “Therefore, we ask the Argentine government to urgently prioritize broad and democratic social dialogue to analyze and define the best measures that include and promote the participation of the Argentine people.”

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