Innovation: Eyelid from the 3D printer

Innovation: Eyelid from the 3D printer
Young doctors can practice on artificial eyelids.
Image: Tyrol location agency

In the future, realistic models will be recreated for surgical training.

“The number of body donors is limited,” said Wolfgang Prodinger, Vice Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs at the Medical University of Innsbruck. It is therefore a challenge to obtain enough “material”, especially for special investigations. The corresponding model, which was built with the partners Eyecre.at, Addion and the Management Center Innsbruck, is “very valuable”.

Both simple applications and the treatment of complex diseases in eyelid surgery could then be practiced on the plastic eyelid, says Prodinger.

Sick 3D eyelid for practice

The resulting training object can also be modeled on a diseased eyelid. “Our goal is to prepare medical professionals as best as possible for their work on the human body,” says Marko Konschake. In the future, an expansion of the procedure to other organs is also conceivable, said the head of the institute for clinical functional anatomy. Then, for example, a lung could be recreated in order to practice on it.

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