Hamas proposes to Israel a six-week truce in Gaza and exchange of hostages for prisoners

Hamas proposes to Israel a six-week truce in Gaza and exchange of hostages for prisoners

The Palestinian Islamist movement demanded a definitive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Faced with resistance from Israel, they presented a proposal that is divided into two stages.

The war continues in Loop and Hamas seeks to stop it through a new proposal that he presented to Israel. It consists of a six-week truce and an exchange of several dozen hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

He Palestinian Islamist movementwhich demands a definitive ceasefire, is now showing flexibility and offered a truce in which a total of 42 hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. For its part, Israel estimates that 130 people remain captive in Gaza and that 32 of them have died.

War in Gaza: what Hamas’s new proposal to Israel consists of


Hamas's new proposal to Israel.

Hamas’s new proposal to Israel.

According to sources revealed to different international agencies, Hamas presented a truce proposal that is divided into two stages and in which he maintains the definitive end to the war in Gaza.

In the first phase of the agreement, the Palestinian movement offered release all Israeli women, children, sick and elderly in exchange for between 700 and 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. In addition, all “female soldiers” held by Hamas would be released in exchange for Palestinian prisoners in life sentences.

By the end of the stage, Hamas proposes establishing a date for a permanent ceasefire and the withdrawal of all Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip. In addition, the draft ensures that all hostages from both sides will be released during the second phase.

Gaza: the response of the Prime Minister of Israel to the Hamas proposal

Benjamin Netanyahu, The Israeli Prime Minister confirmed that Hamas had approached him with a new truce proposal, but that he considers it “unrealistic“.

For their part, relatives of the Hamas hostages issued a statement in which they asked Netanyahu to accept the agreement to save the kidnapped and return alive. “For the first time we can imagine hugging you again, please grant us this right,” they expressed.

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