Mountain rescue warns: “It’s still deep winter up there”

Mountain rescue warns: “It’s still deep winter up there”
Mountain rescue warns: “It’s still deep winter up there”

The Hinterstoder mountain rescue service was also in action on Holy Saturday. A young man slipped in the snow at Salzsteigjoch.

The Kurze Leiberl season has begun: with temperatures of almost 25 degrees, Holy Saturday sent the first summer greeting. In the mountains the situation is different. At an altitude of 1,800 meters there is still one and a half meters of snow in places. Two young men who wanted to go to the Krippenstein cable car on Friday afternoon had apparently not taken the deep winter conditions into account. They were wearing sneakers (nachrichten.at reported on the operation).

No markings

Despite the sparse equipment, they made it to the end of the Seewand via ferrata in Obertraun. On the way back, the Czechs aged 19 and 22 were surprised by winter. “The problem in such cases is not only that you are up to your stomach in snow, but also that you can no longer see the markings,” says mountain rescue manager Christoph Preimesberger.

Winter until mid-May

The mountaineers were rescued from their plight near the 1,738 meter high Gjaidalm. “It’s still deep winter up there, it’s impossible to get anywhere without snowshoes,” says Preimesberger. The wintry conditions would continue until mid-May.

Storm: Helicopters could not fly

The snow also proved fatal to a mountaineer in Hinterstoder on Holy Saturday. The young man went on a tour alone on the Salzsteigjoch towards the Tauplitzalm. Shortly before noon he lost his footing in a snowfield and slipped. “He was extremely lucky,” says Martin Hackl, head of the Hinterstoder mountain rescue service. “Thank God he stayed lying down, otherwise he would have fallen a long way.”

The strong wind made rescue by helicopter impossible. That’s why the mountain rescuers climbed up to the victim, rappelled down to him and brought him to safety. The operation was over at around 3 p.m.

29-year-old rescued from Drachenwand

Another rescue operation on the Drachenwand in St. Lorenz was still in progress, which was also made more difficult by the storm. “The police helicopter from Salzburg tried to support us, but it was just too stormy up there,” says the local branch manager of the Mondseeland mountain rescue service, Andreas Widlroither.

He and his comrades came to the aid of a 29-year-old via ferrata climber from Germany at the Franzenschanze, below the Himmelsleiter. The young man, who was part of a larger group, was unable to continue due to illness. “He suddenly had no grip strength anymore.” The Mondsee mountain rescuers were alerted at 12.55 p.m. and after three and a half hours they returned to the valley. The 29-year-old remained uninjured.

More on the subject: Deployed on Good Friday – mountain rescuers found missing ski tourers despite the storm and darkness

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Mountain rescue warns: “It’s still deep winter up there”

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