Textile collection: “Now more class instead of quantity”

Textile collection: “Now more class instead of quantity”

As reported, Volkshilfe was very upset that the city of Wels awarded the old clothing collection to a Swiss company that had offered more than 600 euros per container space. Volkshilfe therefore had to remove its 32 used clothing containers that had been set up on public property. In its criticism, the social organization also argued that the sorting and processing of textiles involved regional jobs, which could be at risk in the worst case scenario.

Drop off textiles in the shop

After four months, Volkshilfe is now taking stock. “Since we called for people to donate textiles directly to one of our three shops due to a lack of containers, the quality of the donated textiles has increased significantly,” says Johann Reindl-Schwaighofer, chairman of Volkshilfe Wels-Kirchdorf and SP local councilor. Many Wels residents would specifically donate their old textiles to Volkshilfe and would like their items to benefit the people in Wels and the surrounding area.

Fred Edlinger, area manager of the Volkshilfe shops in Upper Austria, adds: “We now have more class instead of quantity and can continue to guarantee the supply of beautiful clothing to the Wels sales locations.”

Locations on private property

The textiles can be dropped off in the shops at Vogelweiderstraße 29, Florianiweg 7 and in Welas Park. Volkshilfe also announces that it will gradually set up textile collection containers at selected private locations in Wels and in communities in the Wels-Land district.

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